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Managing a Transporter Business is tough,
Krab Makes it Simple
Maintaining LR Books & Excel Sheets is getting tough?
Create LRs online. Manage trip records, finances, and invoices from the software itself.
Managing multiple
Truck Suppliers & Customers?
See all your Truck Suppliers & Customers in one place & access all trips, PODs, bills, ledgers in one place.
Working from home in COVID-19 Lockdown times?
When everything can be accessed from your phone, you can manage your entire business from where ever you are.
Zero Training Required!
We designed a user-friendly software that is extremely easy to use and easy to learn so that you don’t have to spend time training your employees.
A Powerful Tool to Grow Your Business!
Save Time & Resources
Create LRs in 20 seconds.
Get more done with less.
Get Payments Faster
Automatically Track PODs.
Raise Invoices and Track Payments.
Ensure Faster Deliveries
Track Driver’s location in real time.
Avoid unnecessary delays.
Avoid Unnecessary Fines
Get correct information about
truck before starting the trip.
Stay Informed About Your
Manage Trip contracts easily.
Make informed billing decisions.
Get Complete Business
Download detailed creditor and
debtor ledger reports on the go.
Multi-Branch Support!
Krab makes it easy to add new branches & employees as your business grows. All of Krab’s features are designed for multiple branch support so that your business operates as one cohesive operation.

What’s more? You can add any number of branches for FREE!
Available in both,
Web & Mobile
Krab is a cloud based app, which means you can operate from any browser on the PC or from any smart phone.

You can also create LRs from home itself, and avoid going to loading locations in these pandemic times.
Start Your Business Journey
with Krab
Try Krab for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to manage, and grow your business
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